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ITACA Research Project

The ITACA (Investigación Traslacional de Arritmias Cardiacas Hereditarias / Hereditary Cardiac Arrhythmias Translational Research) Research Project, funded by the Madrid Regional Government (B2017/BMS-3738), is coordinated by the cellular cardiac electrophysiology group of the Complutense University of Madrid Medical School. ITACA includes clinical researchers from the Cardiology Department of La Paz, Puerta de Hierro, Gregorio Marañón, Clínico San Carlos, 12 de Octubre, Universitario de Getafe and Ramón y Cajal hospitals. The main aim of the Project is to identify new genes, responsible of the Hereditary Arrhythmogenic Primary Syndromes (SAPH), as well as the mechanistic and functional description of the electrophysiology alterations produced by the mutations, to identify new mechanisms responsible of the heart’s electrical activity control. SAHP are rare diseases, genetically diverse, that sharply increase the risk of sudden cardiac death in patients (often young) with structurally healthy hearts. NIMGenetics acts as biotechnological company associated to the ITACA consortium (www.itaca.edu.es) since its foundation 7 years ago.

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