NIMGenetics  is a Spanish biotechnology multinational specialized in the design and commercialization of products and services for clinical genetic diagnosis. We develop exclusive genomic products based, fundamentally, on two technologies of microarray and massive sequencing.

We expand the value of our high-performance genomic products and services in the international market, becoming a specialized benchmark in genomic analysis and human genetic diagnosis.

Our goal is to make our genetic diagnostic tools and our in-depth knowledge of the human genome available to specialist doctors to help their patients receive the best care and attention.

In addition to Spain, NIMGenetics is currently present in Portugal, Mexico and Brazil, with a clinic with a comprehensive patient service laboratory and a team of highly qualified geneticists. We also have specialists and collaborators in the United Kingdom, Colombia and other regions of Latam.


First in transferring state-of-the-art genomic platforms technologies to clinical practice.


Recognitions and awards guarantee our excellence in our way of working with the specialist and for the patient. More info.

Comprehensive solutions

Extensive portfolio of tests adapted to the patient for a comprehensive genetic approach.

Certified quality

Company accredited by international organizations that work to guarantee the quality of the molecular genetic processes, cytogenetics. More info.

Proven experience

More than 300 international publications and more than 50,000 genetic studies carried out. More info.


Immediate access to our team of experts, active members of scientific societies of vital relevance in the genetic-clinical diagnosis field.

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