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Pioneers and experts in the design and use of state-of-the-art Genomics and Transcriptomics platforms, we partner with research-focused companies in the Biopharma Industry and R&D. 

NIMGenetics provides our clients a complete Turnkey Solution for their R&D and Clinical projects, including project review by our R+D experts, sampling preparation, an array of technologies for sequencing and for the interpretation of data.

R&D Nim Genetics
R&D Nim Genetics

We offer Research and Development Support Services such as: 

  • Whole-Genome and Exome Sequencing
  • Gene Expression
  • DNA-Encoded Chemical Libraries Sequencing
  • Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Sequencing services (NovaSeq® 6000 and MiniSeq®)
  • Bioinformatics Data interpretation
  • Tailor-made Consultancy projects

We can be your top scientific partner in genomics, transcriptomics, and bioinformatics-based services.

R&D Nim Genetics

Tailor-made consultancy projects

We understand research, development and innovation (R+D+i) as one of our strategic points, which allows us to continuously improve, generating new services and products. 

Our multidisciplinary team is at your disposal to collaborate in the personalized development of your project, looking for the best solutions all times.

Tell us about your project at imasd@nimgenetics.com

R&D Services

Genome analysis

Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is a comprehensive tool that enables highly complex projects to be addressed, identifying a broad spectrum of intronic and exonic biomarkers in genomic and mitochondrial DNA, such as:

  • Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs)
  • Insertions and deletions (Indels)
  • Expansions
  • Structural variants (SV)
  • Copy number variants (CNVs)

Genome sequencing based on total DNA fragmentation allows us to analyze regions that, given their high complexity, are not accessible with capture systems used to prepare exome libraries or panels, discovering regions that cannot be analyzed using other technologies.

While this type of sequencing is often associated with human genomes, the scalable and flexible nature of NGS makes it equally useful for sequencing any species, animal, plant, or microbial.

Representing only 1% of the genome, the human exome contains approximately 85% of known disease-related variants. Therefore, whole exome sequencing (WES) is a powerful and cost-efficient tool that allows researchers to identify variants present in the coding regions of the genome.

This NGS method identifies coding variants whose analysis provides useful data for a broad range of applications, including population genetics, genetic disease with complex inheritance and cancer studies. Equally, whole exome sequencing can be performed in other organisms of interest such as mice.


NIMGenetics offers researchers a search tool for our genetic studies (available according to gene, disease or technique criteria) to find the solution that best suits your needs.

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Gene expression

RNA Sequencing is a qualitative and quantitative NGS application for analyzing all types of RNA molecules (mRNAs, lncRNAs, circRNAs, miRNA, tRNA). It enables among others the detection of new gene structures, alternative splicing isoforms, gene fusions, SNPs, Indels and the specific expression of alleles, providing a valuable tool to understand the molecular mechanisms underlaying changes in cell behavior.

Single-Cell RNA-Seq technology allows to understand the transcriptome at a single cell level to discover the heterogeneity present in a sample. This solution allows the study of previously inaccessible information, since it can be analyzed, in addition to transcriptomes, epigenomes and immune repertoires with the resolution of individual cells.

At NIMGenetics we offer the researcher the single-cell service, both in fresh and fixed cells:

Single-Cell Gene expression

The Single-Cell RNA-Seq application provides transcriptional profiles that allow researchers to understand at a single cell level which genes are expressed, in what amount, and how expression levels differ among the thousands of cells contained in a sample.

Fixed RNA-profiling

The fixed RNA-profiling technique allows complete transcriptome profiling from individual cells based on hybridization of specifically designed probes. Thanks to the Chromium® iX equipment, it is possible to work with fixed cells at the time of collection, thus solving one of the barriers that Single-Cell technology presented up to now.

This modality manages to preserve the biological information most susceptible to being damaged. This allows for the study of single cell gene expression in samples that were previously inaccessible due to logistical challenges in sample handling, transportation and storage.

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DNA encoded chemical libraries (dels)

DNA-encoded chemical library (DEL) technology is used to discover small molecules which are able of modulating biologically relevant targets. This technology enables to streamline the screening phase of candidate molecules in drug discovery studies. Each laboratory uses its own DNA sequences to define the labels of its compounds, so the identification phase requires some previous fine-tuning work.

NIMGenetics supports pharmaceutical laboratories in the optimization of libraries compatible with sequencing in NovaSeq® 6000, as well as in the final bioinformatics treatment.

At NIMGenetics we offer the service of library preparation compatible with sequencing on the NovaSeq® 6000, as well as data analysis.


Sequencing services: Novaseq® 6000 and Miniseq®

NIMGenetics offers massive sequencing services (NGS) using platforms with different capacities, with the aim of covering all types of projects, both those that require a high sequencing capacity (NovaSeq® 6000) or moderate (MiniSeq®).

First Spanish biotech to have a NovaSeq® 6000

Sequencing platforms like the NovaSeq® 6000 provide users with the performance, speed and flexibility to complete projects more efficiently. We have multiple types of matrices (flow cells), the possibility of loading libraries in individual lanes (lanes) and various combinations of reading length, which allows us to adapt to practically any study need.


Cell and gene therapies

CRISPR-Cas9 technology is an efficient system for gene editing; however, the use of this system can be hindered by off-target DNA cleavage. At NIMGenetics we have designed an NGS-based solution for confirming CRISPR-induced edits and analyze off-target sites previously predicted in silico.

Conventional karyotype

We make our technology available to laboratories and researchers to perform karyotyping of metaphase cells in order to detect chromosomal abnormalities that can diagnose genetic disorders.

Molecular karyotype (ArrayCGH)

Array CGH designed by NIMGenetics to control the stability of cells in culture that detects CNVs and aneuploidies throughout the genome.
It analyzes with high resolution 407 genes, whose duplication or deletion is related to genomic instability and abnormal proliferation, according to the most up-to-date bibliography and databases. This approach increases up to 20 times (250 kilobases versus 5 megabases) the detection capacity of the conventional karyotype (with 5-20 probes per region of interest). In addition, metaphase cells are not required, as it works with extracted DNA.
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STR Analysis

QF-PCR platform to characterize therapeutic cell Identity Using STR (Short Tandem Repeats) analysis.

Stability studies of viral vectors used in the pharmacological field and insertion studies on the genome to analyze their specificity.

One of the main bottlenecks in the research process is the analysis of large volumes of data. At NIMGenetics we put at your disposal the expertise of our bioinformatics and biostatistics team for the analysis of your genomic data that best suits your research objective.

Our clients

NIMGenetics works with its clients (biopharmaceutical and biotechnological companies, CROs, Academic Laboratories...) in any phase of the research project they need.


NIMGenetics collaborates and develops research projects with the most prestigious institutions in the field of cutting-edge research, both nationally and internationally.

Official suppliers of The Scientist.com

We are an official supplier of Scientist.com. NIMGenetics provides advanced genomics, transcriptomics, bioinformatics and stem cell services, offering our technologies and expertise in NGS, Single Cell and arrayCGH to support the biopharmaceutical industry and academic researchers.

We integrate state-of-the-art technologies with an internally developed pipeline for genomic analysis, applying our own bioinformatics tools, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and a large proprietary genetic database.

Our scientific activity

We are a leading biotechnology company with an RD&I strategy focused on tackling the challenges of society, thus helping to develop preventive and diagnostic aspects of the clinical field.


 Get to know a part of our scientific contribution in High Impact Magazines and preparation of Medical Guides.


At NIMGenetics we develop medium- and long-term innovation projects, both to create new lines of business and diagnostic services, and to improve existing ones.