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In a highly competitive environment, technological leadership and innovation are strategic pillars of the NIMGenetics business model. It allows us to improve the quality of life of our patients, ensure our growth and competitiveness, generate new products and services, access new markets and minimise the risk of technological stagnation. At NIMGenetics we cannot not innovate.

Our scientific activity

We are a leading biotechnology company with an RD&I strategy focused on tackling the challenges of society, thus helping to develop preventive and diagnostic aspects of the clinical field.


 Get to know a part of our scientific contribution in High Impact Magazines and preparation of Medical Guides.


At NIMGenetics we develop medium- and long-term innovation projects, both to create new lines of business and diagnostic services, and to improve existing ones.


NIMGenetics collaborates and develops research projects with the most prestigious institutions in the field of cutting-edge research, both nationally and internationally.

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