At NIMGenetics our team of experts uses cutting-edge array CGH and NGS technology, among others, to create specific and customised designs applicable to the following specialities:

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We offer a variety of CE-marked products to facilitate all stages of the COVID-19 testing process, from sample collection and transport to diagnostic result.
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As a leading company in non-invasive prenatal screening since 2011, the NIMGenetics team is recognised for its specialisation in prenatal genetic testing. Committed to exponentially advancing technology, at NIMGenetics we offer our widest range of genetic studies with the best, most complete prenatal diagnosis platform, performing genetic risk studies and hereditary thrombophilia tests.


Committed to innovation and precision, NIMGenetics offers healthcare professionals the latest technologies for the early detection of gynaecological cancers: from BRCA1 and BRCA2 genetic testing to identify hereditary breast and ovarian cancer patients using massive parallel sequencing (NGS) to our molecular diagnostic tests. Thanks to their high prognostic value, these tests can objectively support your medical decisions and attitudes, providing a high degree of peace of mind to patients.


Both neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD) and multiple malformation syndromes are usually characterised by having a complex clinical presentation, with partial and/or overlapping manifestations. In addition to the difficulty of clinical diagnosis, there is a high genetic heterogeneity, making it necessary to approach these conditions through the sequential combination of different genetic tests required for each patient. Therefore, NIMGenetics has developed different approaches, offering everything from array CGH and sequencing tests to global solutions through comprehensive approaches.


Given the complexity and high genetic heterogeneity of these types of disorders, NIMGenetics offers different approaches using massive parallel sequencing or others that may be the first-choice tool for diagnosis. More specifically, given the significant and growing number of cases where genetic alterations have been identified as the cause of epilepsy, NIMGenetics offers a wide range of targeted tests, as well as comprehensive solutions, for the genetic approach to this disorder.


Genetic eye disorders can affect different eye tissues and include a wide variety of conditions with a greater or lesser impact on the patient’s quality of life. In many cases, confirming the clinical diagnosis through genetics can allow medical actions that prevent, minimise and delay the onset of symptoms. Likewise, genetic counselling is one of the main benefits of using state-of-the-art genomic technologies when diagnosing ophthalmological diseases.

CANCER GENETICS and hematology

With the aim of guiding specialists towards the most appropriate treatment and clinical management of their patients, NIMGenetics has different services and platforms focused on identifying molecular alterations in tumour samples, families with hereditary cancer, the genetic origin of tumours, and molecular alterations in haematological-oncological diseases. NIMGenetics offers everything from conventional testing to the most advanced array CGH and NGS panel technologies to test for these conditions.


Early detection of colorectal cancer (CRC) has become a key aspect to reduce its high mortality. At NIMGenetics, we make the latest advances in diagnostic techniques in gastroenterology available to specialists and their patients to help reduce CRC mortality.


With a significant ability to adapt to clinical and patient needs, NIMGenetics offers different approaches for whole exome sequencing, multiple gene sequencing within a single panel and detecting copy number variations (CNVs). NIMGenetics also offers a wide range of tests to detect mitochondrial DNA alterations, as well as different molecular biology techniques such as MLPA, TRP-PCR and Sanger sequencing.


NIMGenetics offers healthcare professionals various CE-marked devices to facilitate their clinical routine and diagnostic process. We have a wide range of COVID products, as well as complete molecular karyotyping kits, allowing hospital laboratories to carry out analyses in-house. Furthermore, a team of expert consultants in customised projects is at your service for any other needs you may have.

Companion Diagnostics

CDx Services for late stage Clinical and Commercially Launched Therapeutics.

NIMGenetics currently offers Companion Diagnostic (CDx) services in Market Launch/Commercialization of Therapeutics, and has the potential to offer Genomics Data services in Clinical Trial phases:

  • Basic Research – both Small Molecule and Cell-Based approaches.
  • Discovery/Translation – from Screening up to Preclinical QC.
  • Clinical Trials – leveraging Genomics Data to identify and refine enrollment and development.
  • Commercialization – targeted CDx screening to help match patients to the right therapy.