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KaryoNIM® Prenatal

Array-CGH aimed at detecting gains and losses of genomic and chromosomal regions responsible for up to 124 genetic syndromes associated with intellectual disability and congenital alterations. Its powerful design, specifically aimed at prenatal diagnosis, decreases the diagnostic complexity and improves the resolution of conventional karyotypes up to 50 times in the critical regions of the syndromes studied.

NIMGenetics has the accreditation ISO15189 for the study of array-CGH since June 2015, being the first laboratory in Spain to demonstrate compliance with this standard, which accredits and demonstrates in an objective and independent manner the commitment of a laboratory with quality and with the technical competence (accreditation number ENAC 1212/LE2336).

NIMGenetics offers the possibility of QF-PCR(Quantitative Fluorescence Polymerase Chain Reaction) as a complementary test to KaryoNIM Prenatal, to rule out the presence of complete triploidies.

When is it recommended?*

At the very least, in the following situations:

  • In cases of nonspecific ultrasound fetal anomaly, such as a high nuchal translucency, in which the presence of chromosomal aneuploidies or complete triploidy has been ruled out.
  • In the presence of an echographic finding or a history suggestive of a specific genetic disorder or syndrome, characterized by the presence of deletions or duplications (within the sensitivity range of the technique).
  • If there is an echographic suspicion of congenital heart disease, once the presence of chromosomal aneuploidies or complete triploidy has been ruled out.
(*): Recommendations from AEDP for the use el of microarrays (Suela J et al. Med Clin (Barc). 2017;148(7):328.e1–328.e8)
Delivery of results: 3–5 working days from receipt of the sample.
Referencia: REP1002

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