Establishes the ideal embryo implantation time through non-invasive vaginal microbiome testing.

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ReceptIVFity®  is the first non-invasive vaginal microbiome test for assessing the probability of reproductive success in ICSI-IVF treatments. The test results indicate the likelihood of reproductive success, allowing patients to plan the embryo implantation time. It has a high specificity (97%) and predictive accuracy (94%).

ReceptIVFity® was created as a personalised test to:

  • Improve the efficiency of ICSI-IVF treatments..
  • Avoid unnecessary treatments and thus the physical, emotional and financial toll that the failure of these types of procedures can have on couples.

ReceptIVFity® analyses the vaginal bacterial composition, allowing specialists to assess whether the conditions are optimal for embryo implantation prior to treatment. From this analysis, the predictive algorithm generates a high, medium or low score depending on the proportion of bacteria in the vagina. In HIGH microbiome profiles, the success rate (first cycle) of ICSI-IFV treatments increases from 30% to over 50%. And in HIGH and MEDIUM profiles, it increases to 41% on average.

Turnaround time: 10 working days from receipt of the sample.
Reference: IVF1001

Please remember to attach the Informed Consent Form to the sample, which you will find on the right..

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