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Other Genomic Services

NIMGenetics provides the researcher with cutting-edge technology in its genomic services (microarrays, genotyping and FISH probes), as well as the extensive and proven experience of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team in order to provide the best possible diagnostic, treatment and research results.

Genomics based on microarrays

NIMGenetics is a leading company in the field of biotechnology, offering the full range of services for the development of the highest quality personalised microarrays for use in diagnostics, treatment, and research.

The flexibility of our service makes it possible for the study to be directed at selected target sites or at the entire genome, and it also provides the ability to work with different species, with RNA or DNA and with a limited number of samples, or even thousands.

Microarray service range:

  • Microarray of transcriptomes
  • MicroRNA expression profiles
  • Gene expression profiles
  • LncRNA Microarray
  • Genomic Microarray
  • SNP Microarray
  • CGH Microarray
  • Epigenetic Microarray
  • ChIP-on-chip service

Characteristics and advantages:

  • Complete flexibility (different species, RNA or DNA, number of samples).
  • Optimised RNA hybridisation probes.
  • Cost-effective solution.
  • Carried out by personnel with extensive experience in biomolecular analysis and in handling a wide range of samples (including blood/plasma and FFPE).

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High-throughput genotyping

SNPs (Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms) are the most frequent type of genetic variant found in the human genome. Together with DNA copy number variants (CNV), they play a very important role in the interindividual differences found in both susceptibility to disease and response to treatments, basic elements of Precision Medicine.

NIMGenetics offers a complete genotyping service by medium-and high-throughput SNPs for humans, mice, and other species. It most useful aspect lies in the validation and confirmation of loci of SNPs of interest only on the basis of a detected group of SNPs. This type of service is designed to obtain maximum results from the researcher’s resources, and can be optimised for large groups of these polymorphisms and a high sample volume.

A good genotyping platform, such as those available at NIMGenetics, must reach a high call rate for all selected SNPs, evaluating the test optimisation processes that take up time and enabling a high level of multiplex analysis of SNPs and samples in a single experiment.

NIMGenetics offers the TaqMan SNP Genotyping and Fluildigm Genotyping systems.

These platforms are highly flexible. The researcher defines the balance between the number of SNPs studied and the sample size. Studies can be quickly redesigned and redone.

Our commitment is to guide the researcher according to the technologies that best suit their needs. Our experts are available to assist you with the selection of the most appropriate genotyping strategy, as well as with the experimental design, so that you achieve your objectives with the best and most cost-effective possible approach.

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Design and Development of FISH probes

NIMGenetics has developedNIMFISH®, a broad collection of FISH probes (Fluorescence in Situ Hybridisation) for the screening of genetic amplifications, losses and translocations in cells and tissues.

Each of our FISH products contains a pair of locus-specific oligonucleotide probes marked with fluorophores.

Characteristics and advantages:

  • High precision and luminosity. Unlike BAC probes, they do not contain any repetitive DNA sequences, and fluorochromes have been incorporated during the synthesis process.
  • Two colours, for fast, sensitive and specific screening.
  • Suitable for the extension of metaphases, frozen tissues or paraffin soaked tissues.
  • High signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Low cross-reactivity.

The development of FISH probes by NIMGenetics is in continuous expansion in order to satisfy the needs of the researcher.

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