>>>Genomic stability of cell therapy products generated in bioreactors.

Genomic stability of cell therapy products generated in bioreactors.

RETOS 2014 Programme. MINECO

The cell therapy market requires overcoming several technological challenges that enable the production to be increased by ensuring the homogeneity and biosafety of cell products. Scaling is a necessity in this sector, and therefore this project focused specifically on the research and development of technologies to enable a bioreactor-generated cell product to be developed under genomic-quality biosafety conditions and with validated functionality. Bioreactors are the cell production systems with the greatest potential.
The role of NIMGenetics in this consortium project was to generate and adapt genomic platforms (based on microarrays and NGS panels) in order to be used in the biosafety control of biological products for cell therapy and produced in bioreactors. The result was KaryoNIM® Stem Cell v2.0, which is the updated version of the already available product KaryoNIM® Stem Cell. So far, there is no diagnostic tool with this power, capacity for immediacy, and accessibility of the sample.

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