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We understand research, development and innovation (R+D+i) as one of the strategic pillars of our Business Model that allow us to improve the quality of life of our clients through:

  • Generate new services and products
  • Accelerate our expansion
  • Access new markets
  • Minimize the risk of technological stagnation

Technological leadership for competitiveness

Meet the team

Production and Scientific Activity


NIMGenetics is positioned as a leading biotechnology company in innovation, creating an R+D+i strategy that is focused on solving society’s challenges, and thus contributing to the development of preventive and diagnostic programs in the clinical field.


Know a part of our scientific contribution in High Impact Journals and elaboration of Medical Guides.

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Innovation projects

The future goes through the development of platforms known as “Integrated Omic Sciences”: genomics, proteomics, pharmacogenomics… and for the treatment of the huge amount of data that these generate (Big Data), in order to promote and improve the knowledge of the interaction genes-environment, medicines, etc.

From NIMGenetics we have developed innovation projects based on the generation and management of these “Omics Data” that will facilitate the application of Precision Personalized Medicine to the design of Prevention strategies and the development of new diagnostic kits, services or platforms, among other.

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  • ITACA Research Project

    The ITACA (Investigación Traslacional de Arritmias Cardiacas Hereditarias / Hereditary Cardiac Arrhythmias Translational Research) Research Project, funded by the Madrid [...]



NIMGenetics collaborates and develops research projects with the most prestigious institutions in the field of cutting-edge research, both nationally and internationally.

Where are we going


Precision Personalized Medicine represents a paradigm shift in the way Healthcare is delivered.
However, its widespread application raises important challenges:

  • The innovations as a basis to generate new advances.
  • The creation of collaboration Networks public-private.
  • The inclusion of various strategic agents: universities, companies, specialized centers, etc.

These points are what will allow us to continue developing important national and international projects.

Participate in innovation

Collaborate with us to develop projects, both national and international, in the field of Precision Personal Medicine.

Do you want to know more about one of our projects or propose to participate in a new one? Write to us and our Scientific Department will contact you.

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